Sound Transforms SpacePresented at BiM, Princeton School of Architecture, & Pioneer Works
Sound, VR, Analogue Gesture, 3D prints

Sound Transforms Space

“Sound Transforms Space” offers a sonic exploration of the architectural. This begins with the hailing of a deep listening practice where participants tune into their environment and then commence to “sound space” across three modalities: sound, digital (VR), and analogue gesture (charcoal/hand). The piece began as code for making legible, dimensional gestures in virtual models of the place where one stood. Instead of VR/immersive tech taking one away from place, the play here was to use virtual gestures and acoustic reverberations to locate the subject in a time/place. The 3D print sculptural objects are “glyphs,” shards of artifacts of a particular moment in time/space.

Software & interaction design Farzin Lotfi-Jam
Tommy Martinez
Sound Conductionists
M. Singe
Val Inc.*
Eva Salina
Random Chorus
Pioneer Works*
VR Conductors
Ada Tolla
Amina S. Blacksher*
Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts

*Installation & performance